Everything for Love

Chuck Mangione

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  •   Peggy Hill
  •   Slo Ro
  •   Amazing Grace
  •   Seoul Sister
  •   Viola
  •   Fox Hunt
  •   Annalise
  •   I Do Everything For Love
  •   Papa Mangione
  •   Freddie's Walkin'

    Flugelhorn and Muted Trumpet: Chuck Mangione
    Soprano and Tenor Saxophones, Flute: Gerry Niewood
    Acoustic and Electric Guitar: Grant Geissman
    Electric Bass (Vocal on Freddie's Walkin'): Charles Meeks
    Keyboards (all solos): Corey Allen
    Drums: Darryl Pellegrini
    Keyboards: Tim Regusis
    Percussion: Emidin Rivera
    Background Vocals on Freddie's Walkin': Paullette McWilliams and Cindy Mizelle
    Total Time: 71:54
    Recorded at 96/24 High Resolution
    Multi-Channel SACD


    “Feels So Good,” for obvious reasons, is the term we most associate with Chuck Mangione—as synonymous as is the dark fedora that rests on his treasured head. It’s not just because of the million-selling tune, but also because of the way we feel and what we think upon hearing his clarion call, going back to the sixties when he was a member of the bands of Woody Herman, Maynard Ferguson, and Art Blakey. One could get all tinglely inside thinking of Mangione from the time he was a young man, hangin’ with Dizzy Gillespie who was a close family friend. Yes, it feels good to remember that he, along with two other Buffalo-area locals: Grover Washington Jr. and Spyro Gyra’s Jay Beckenstien, was seminal in paving the way for a modern revolution in jazz and the popularity that many enjoy and some take for granted. It also feels good to know that Mangione is still making music with the same tender loving care that caught, and continues to keep, our attention for three decades running. While the rest of us were feeling good, Mangione was busy launching his career into the stratosphere, at the same time greatly enhancing the fortunes of Grant Geissman, Gerry Niewood, and Charles Meeks, all members of his band, far less known during the mid-‘70s when the Mangione factor was in full effect. They had just as much chemistry then as they do now, and it’s a special treat to hear the successful balance again on Everything For Love, Mangione’s new testament to a life-long romance with notes and tones. Everyone plays as if the best is yet to come, moving gently through a list of new material. It’s Mangione’s “soft touch” with music and with life that comes through here, it is also what keeps him a part of the firmament despite all the changes that have come to pass in the world he loves the most, making what he plays easy on the ears and the heart.

    Steve Williams
    (Editor) Gavin Radio

    If it's Chuck Mangione, it's about melody. Nothing has been more consistent about the trumpeter-fluegelhornist-composer's four-decade career than his ability to create almost instantly memorable themes. And this new release, recorded with his regular working group, is no exception, with pieces ranging from the pensive "Viola" and the Asian soul-sounding (and appropriately titled) "Seoul Sister" to the dancing rhythms of "I Do Everything for Love" and the celebratory, spiritual-like joy of "Freddie's Walkin' " (sung by bassist Charles Meeks). Equally important, as with most of Mangione's work, the music is assembled with careful attention to detail, featuring compositions rather than the more typical jazz theme-and-solo variations. The result is music that responds easily to repeated listening. At 59, Mangione still knows how to produce eminently listenable jazz.

    Don Heckman
    Los Angeles Times

    Recorded at St. Peter's Church, Chelsea, NYC on May 8 -11, 2000, Chuck Mangione's EVERYTHING FOR LOVE is one of his finest recordings during his 30 years of recording exceptional jazz. This CD is classic, straight-ahead, contemporary. For the Chuck Mangione fan, and all jazz listeners, this is one to have in your home collection. Mangione and his band put together one of the greatest renditions of "Amazing Grace" you could ever hope to listen to! This version is arranged by Mangione and features individual solos from Mangione, Grant Geissman, Corey Allen, and Gerry Niewood. It would be hard to find so much talent together again in such a memorable recording of this old standard. Overall, what makes this CD such a beautiful and soulful listening experience is the stylings of each musician individually as well as a group performance. Captivating! The CD has high production values and is one of the clearest and sound articulate CDs any jazz listener could ask or hope to have! "Freddie's Walkin'" is an energetic selection dedicated to Mangione's godson and interesting for its harmonics. There are 10 selections on this CD, including compositions by Chuck Mangione. The 10 selections are: "Peggy Hill," "Slo Ro," "Amazing Grace," "Seoul Sister," "Viola," "Fox Hunt," "Annalise," "I Do Everything For Love," "Papa Mangione," "Freddie's Walkin.'" The Brazilian-influenced "I Do Everything For Love" is one of the great pieces on this CD, among others. EVERYTHING FOR LOVE is Chuck Mangione at his finest, and the solos in this collection by all the musicians are perfect. A charming collection which blends melodies in sensual, whimsical, gentle, beautiful motifs that will please all who listen! Five stars!

    Lee Prosser
    Jazz Review

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